Our School

Rockland St Mary Primary is a small village school located six miles south of Norwich, close to the River Yare and the Broads National Park.  The main school building is Victorian and the school has recently had a new wooden lodge built on the site which houses our Sunbeams Nursery class. We have an extensive recently re-designed early years outside provision including a new purpose built trim trail.  The school is set in the heart of the village near to the church and most pupils at the school come from within the village and increasingly from Norwich and other surrounding villages.

Within our school grounds we have a playground area and a playing field, where there is also an outdoor learning area. We have ample space for our children to enjoy various different sporting activities outside, as well as space to play during breaktimes.

Each child in our school is valued as an individual and forms an important part of our school community. Our pupils are involved in all aspects of school life, including decision making and planning for the future. We have an active school council through which the pupils are able to contribute their ideas on how to improve our school even further.

Our pupils enjoy taking part in outdoor learning sessions which allow them to explore the nature and environment within our village and around Norfolk.

We aim to offer as many extra-curricular experiences for our pupils as possible, both within the school day and through after school clubs.

If you require a paper copy of any policy or information on this website. Please contact the school office: office@rsm.set.education

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