Surlingham Primary School Staff

Head Teacher - Mrs Victoria Bayliss 

EYFS / Year 1 / Year 2 - Miss Megan Nobbs

Year 3 / Year 4 - Mrs Francis Spurgeon and Mrs Tara Barnes 

Year 5 / Year 6 - Ms Jade Fenning 

HLTA - Miss Hayley Calvario 

TA - Mrs Julie Inwards and Mrs Sarah Willcox 

BCA - Mrs Julie Inwards and Mrs Leanne Bettinson

MSA - Mr Martin Burrekoven-Kalve

Office Manager - Miss Lauren Smith 

School Caretaker - Mr Steve Gilversleeve 

Chef - Mr Mark Whitehouse 

Subject Leads 

English - Ms Jade Fenning

Maths - Mrs Victoria Bayliss

Science - Mrs Jenny Bolton 

Geography - Mrs Frances Spurgeon

History - Mrs Victoria Bayliss

Music - Mrs Zoe Marsden 

PE Lead  - Mrs Tara Barnes 

Art and DT Lead - Mrs Laura Sinclair 

French - Mrs Laura Sinclair

RE/PSHE - Mrs Frances Spurgeon 

EYFS Lead - Mrs Zoe Marsden 

Safeguarding Team 

DSL - Mrs Victoria Bayliss

ADSL - Miss Lauren Smith


Mrs Zoe Marsden 

First Aiders 

Mrs Victoria Bayliss

Miss Lauren Smith 

Ms Jade Fenning 

Mrs Tara Barnes 

Mrs Frances Spurgeon 

Mrs Julie Inwards 

Mrs Sarah Willcox

Miss Megan Nobbs

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